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We are two jewelry and accessory creators, We live and work in Paris (France).

lundi 11 mai 2009

Brooch " Constellation "

Brooch " Secret "

Triangle Ring

" The Head " 4-  Bond of happiness

The head: the most important part of the body

4- Bond of happiness.

" The Head " 3- Secret pass

" The Head " 3- Secret pass

" The Head " 2- Pond of mind

" The Head " 2- Pond of mind

" The Head " 1-  Head on shoulder

Always solitary earring...

Titanium Flower Earring

This is a long solitary earring.
We have in our jewel collection several models of long earring which be carried only one piece. For us, these earring has much more charm to be carried by one side and not by pair.

All about a ring...

All about a ring...

JM WASZACK's work.